Personal Life

Work LifeWhile web development may define what I currently do for a living, it certainly does not define me as a whole.

  • I’m proud to call myself a Christian My wife and I used to be full time missionaries serving and living in Guatemala. You can read more about this on our ministry website.

  • I enjoy fishing more than most people do. I usually stink at it, but I do love it, especially when it involves taking children along.

  • I’m all about a great meal with great friends, good music and conversation. When in Fort Worth, I’m always up for a dinner at Texas de Brazil or Frescos Cocina Mexicana! Especially if you’re buying.

  • I love to travel. Have you seen the photos in my gallery? I have an unwavering need to experience new places, new things, new people and hopefully learn something along the way. My wife says it’s Adult A.D.D., but she sure seems to enjoy all the places we go. I’m just saying.

  • I love children. I spend as much time as possible with them, especially those who are less fortunate than others. I believe we have a duty as human beings to understand why there are so many orphans in the world and do everything in our power to help them!

  • I once got all wrapped up in my possessions and status symbols. It was a gross display of a rather nasty character flaw I once had. Having traveled all over this wonderful big blue marble called Earth, I think I actually have learned something along the way. It’s no longer about the things I have, but the places and people I can be with.

  • I have to admit it though, I am still a “truck snob” deep down. If it isn’t a Ford, then why did you buy it?! đŸ˜‰ The bigger, the better. I bleed “Oval Blue”.

  • I don’t have any musical talent but I love music. I prefer contemporary Christian or country music, although while I work, I listen to nothing but classical or upbeat instrumental.

  • I consider myself an entreprenuer at heart and I’ve never been afraid to take a chance on something I believed in.

  • I currently write two blogs According To Vern and Vern The Hermit

Past Life

  • In my past life, I was a Soldier in the United States Army. I joined because I couldn’t find a job anywhere else when I was fresh out of high school. But I loved it! It was, without doubt, the single best thing that ever happened to my professional career. It was the springboard that formed a lot of how I see this world and my place in it.

  • I used to host a radio talk show in Austin Texas. Click here to see me behind the microphone in one of worst photos that has ever been taken of me.

Future Plans

  • My wife and I want to build a children’s ranch. We want to give every child we can, a taste of what is really out there in the great outdoors!

  • Our plan is be completely self-sustaining and live entirely off-the-grid. We are getting closer and closer each day.