My name is Vern Six.

I have worked in the field of Internet web development since 1985. Since then, I have held many titles such as computer programmer, computer consultant, web developer, web designer, database designer, software developer, independent Internet consultant, online marketing consultant, search engine optimization specialist, network administrator and web systems architect just to name a few.

These days, I refer to myself as a Web Developer.

I have over 17 years experience developing web applications using the LAMP Stack (Linux, Apache Web Server, MySQL Database Server, and PHP).

In today’s internet world, things change so quickly that a developer has to stay on top of the best tools available. I pride myself on staying up to date with all the latest technologies and industry best practices. I am a very strong enthusiasm for technologies like MVC, OOP, jQuery, Ajax, RESTful APIs and Scalable Cloud Computing

Drawing on my many years of entrepreneurial experience, I also bring to the table a wealth of knowledge that includes such things as SEO strategies, site content design as well as deployment strategies and marketing.

Peace and Blessings,